What is a salt room?

A salt room is a pleasant space covered in salt. The walls are made of natural rock salt, and the floor is covered with a thick layer of sea salt. Children can play during the therapy sessions while the calming ambience and meditative music provide peace and the chance to relax away from the everyday hustle and bustle for the adults.

The temperature of the salt room varies between 20 and 24 degrees Celsius, while the room humidity is kept between 40 and 60%. The aerosol concentration is between 1 and 10 mg/m³ and is adjusted according to the age and health conditions of the visitor.

How do we care for our visitors?

The salt room provides a relaxing, calm and pleasant atmosphere from the moment you step in. It is equipped with deckchairs and a play corner for the youngest guests. Children always enjoy a surprise, so we make sure that the room is decorated differently every time. Every time they enter, the children are given a fresh set of toys, which are carefully washed and disinfected after each use.

FAQ – frequently asked questions

Salt room therapy is a natural and effective of improving immune system functions. It is suitable for children from 6 months upwards, adults and elderly people. Salt therapy is recommended for anyone who has respiratory problems, which become more pronounced in the autumn or winter, or in spring due to hypersensitivity to pollen. The salt room also helps the throat and vocal cords, so it is suitable for all singers and speakers who want to take care of their voices. Negatively charged ions are released into the room, and accelerate physical regeneration after major exertions or sports. The salt room is also suitable for people who have trouble sleeping or are experiencing chronic fatigue.

You should wear clean, preferably bright, airy clothes that you use in your free time (we recommend you bring your clothes with you and change in the cloakroom):

  • bring clean cotton socks, white if possible,
  • long hair should be tied up in a bun or a ponytail,
  • bring a drink (preferably water) and paper tissues.
  • Salt therapy is completely natural
  • no harmful side effects
  • opens the respiratory tract, airways, and skin naturally
  • it strengthens natural immune defences
  • ensures faster regeneration
  • improves sleep
  • suitable for all ages
  • is a pleasant and relaxing experience
  • it is an effective preventive measure and aids psychophysical fitness.

We do not recommend that you visit the salt room in the following cases:

  • severe hypertension (morbidly high blood pressure)
  • bleeding
  • blood diseases in the acute phase
  • acute respiratory disease
  • severe chronic respiratory failure
  • active tuberculosis
  • mental illness and consumption of prohibited substances
  • cancer
  • poisoning
  • metabolic diseases
  • pregnancy
  • high temperature
  • organ failure (especially liver and heart)
  • spitting blood
  • heart failure
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

People with any infectious conditions of the scalp, skin, or nails (or parasites on the skin or scalp) must inform the employee prior to their visit!

The salt room can be only used by healthy people (recommendation added at the request of the health inspection). Salt therapies are meant exclusively for relaxation, strengthening, and general well-being. Therapies are not a substitute for medication. If you are suffering from a particular illness, please contact a medical doctor.

Therapies are undertaken at your own risk.

Make an appointment by calling +386 40 525 869 and make a booking.

  • We talk to you before each therapy session.
  • We accompany you throughout the session.
  • Personal approach.
  • Friendly and professionally trained staff.
  • Stringent hygiene standards.
  • The salt rooms are pleasantly lit and airy.
  • Friendly and calm environment for children as well as adults.
  • Flexible schedule.
  • Parking in front of the entrance.

Salt therapy (length of therapy and aerosol level) is adjusted according to the age, lung capacity and health condition of each visitor. The therapy lasts 20 minutes for children and 40 minutes for adults.

Salt room price


  • Children up to the age of 12 attend the therapy accompanied by one adult (free of charge)
  • An additional person in a child’s therapy session is charged €5 and an additional person per adult session is charged €10
  • Students and pensioners receive a 10% discount on each individual therapy session
  • Discounts apply once and cannot be combined

CHILDREN (20 min)

                CHILDREN (1 to 12 years)

                  Price for 1 therapy session

                          1 child

                               15 eur

                          2 children

                               20 eur

                          3 children

                               25 eur

                          4 children

                               30 eur


ADULTS (40 min)


                    Price for 1 therapy session

                          1 person

                              20 eur

                         2 people

                              30 eur

                         3 people

                              40 eur

                          4 people

                              50 eur


  • 5 therapy sessions + 1 free
  • 10 therapy sessions + 3 free



You can purchase a gift certificate of the required value.